These earrings matched my evening gown PERFECTLY!!:)

Mark Jance / Facebook

They are a perfect fit my necklace and ring. The  earrings have all features I like most, including the stylish design, high quality crystal materials, beautiful purple color, and fabulous decorations. I received all kinds of positive reactions in every party. I liked the PURPLE dangle earrings.

Tanea Caldwell / Facebook

Love these earrings, put them on when I got them and haven’t taken them off. They look just like the photo and are very sparkly and comfortable to wear.

‎Nicole Barker‎

A classy look with a purple crystal embedded, I had no surprise they were going to be one of my the earrings. Really complement my skin tone and black hair.

Michelle Wong / Facebook

Love these! Shipping was pretty fast. Will order more for my family.

Maribel Ramirez Hamner / Facebook

This is really pretty and a lightweight earring. Very versatile, high quality rose-gold material with a purple crystal embedded, my daughter is so happy with these earrings! 

*I was offered a discount for providing a testimonial.

Bailey Conkin / Facebook


I had a job in a fashion jewelry company and did business with people around the world.

After 3 years selling jewelry, I became more and more interested in designing my own styles.

I love to assemble different colors and material together. When it comes to bracelets I love natural stones and gemstone beads.

This monthly deal store concept is a mix of my true passions designing bracelet and always come up with new unique & original designs!

I am positive you will love my bracelets quality,
My mission is to bring natural feeling, fashion look, inspiration and joy to my customers life.

Thank you!

Jewelry Design Expert

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